What You Can Do With a Music Degree?

There are several things that music does for people. I believe good music evokes true emotion. Whether that emotion is joy, sorrow, love, hurt or praise, the audience will connect to a pure form of the art. In order to produce good music one must study the craft of music. Some of the top music innovators have either studied music in college, a conservatory or hands on experience. Each method works well for a certain group of people. Having a music degree affords you the opportunity to do a lot in the music field that will lead to a rewarding career.

One of the most popular music jobs has to be a professional singer or musician. You see them in the headlines in bright lights and wondering what would your life be like in their shoes. Being a musical celebrity it’s a daunting task. Musical performers are always on even when the lights are off. Singers and musicians spend a lot of time rehearsing their craft to give the best musical performance ever. It’s always about getting better. When you think of a musician you think behind the scenes. Well, that’s true to a certain extinct. Singers and musicians complement each other. When the two are in complete harmony its magic. Professional singers and musicians can work anywhere from singing and playing at sold out stadiums for concerts or a local lounge doing musical shows. These artists tend to go out on tours to promote their music. For the musician, once they record the music it’s on to the next project for them. The singer must find new ways to remain relevant after the music slows shows slow down.

Another known job in music is the traditional grade school music teacher. These teachers take us starting in elementary school and begin the process to shape and form our voices. Then once you move to intermediate and high school you will see the stakes become a little tougher. As students you will begin to compete in different voice competition around the city/state and national level in some cases. Typically, the music instructor will be one who teaches in the classroom setting. The curriculum is all based on what the school district has in place. This musical instructor can also be over the music department for the entire school. So, the school’s band, musical productions are all done by this person with the assistance of other faculty. Becoming a vocal coach often falls in the category of teaching with a wider scope of students.

Becoming a musical conductor for a church has been a field for more musician and vocal performers. Churches are always a good place to not only work but use the skills that you learned in college. More and more churches are using more technical methods in their singing. They use the traditional sheet music and vocal techniques that are often taught in school. With the choir competitions popping up all over the place technique is important. Of course, there are not always trained singers and musicians that you will work with, but it gives you the chance to use your skills set.