Music For Astral Projection – The Easy Way to Have Your First Astral Travel Experience From Home!

Does music for astral projection work? Is it hard to find? Expensive? And has it been PROVEN to be effective? In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at music for astral projection, and see if it’s a good choice for YOU as you begin to explore the astral realms! Curious to know more? Great… continue reading as we take a closer look below!

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Honestly? It helps sync your brain waves, and “tune” your mind to a very harmonized frequency, which has been proven, (scientifically and in many tests) to facilitate the process of inducing an OBE. (out of body experience) As a matter of fact, the most important (and famous) pioneer in modern astral projection (Robert Monroe), created these technologies himself, to help ordinary people like you and I have our first experiences in the ethereal realms. (Monroe was able to induce OBE without any music, help or effort at all!)

And before you think it’s all just a bunch of “kooky” new age nonsense…

Binural beats (the technical name for sound and music designed to facilitate the OBE experience) has been studied EXTENSIVELY by scientists, and the Monroe Institute in Virginia is one of the most respected international centers for the study (and expansion) of human consciousness!

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They used to be. But the Internet has made these technologies for common place… and lots of high quality, astral projection tracks are now available to be downloaded from reputable re-sellers. When I first got interested in using technology to help me have my first projection more than a decade ago… you actually had to go to one of these retreats, or week long seminars to have the experience and get the special sounds for your desired experience. (not for me!) The online availability is much easier… and much less expensive to boot!

The bottom line?

Astral projection is truly one of the most amazing, paradigm busting, perspective changing experiences you can in your lifetime! It teaches you INSTANTLY that you are MUCH more than your body… and that’s a lesson that opens up a world of power, purpose and possibility that you’ve never thought of before! (and changed my own life forever!)