Important Music And Frequency Requirements For Astral Projection

We are treading into a field of study and experiments that is beyond usual student scope. This is not a very difficult experience but requires a great deal of knowledge and concentration. Age old cultures have set us an example to follow that it is possible to do this. There are scientific studies that enable any astral enthusiast to reach the goals they set for themselves. Two important aspects of this help is critical to remember. They are the Frequency and Music to help achieve these frequencies

These two important aspects help you not to wander around in a maze of confusion. They channel your efforts in specific techniques that they have almost perfected in his field.

1. Heightened awareness and perception. These frequencies are called the GAMA frequencies. They happen to fall in the ranger of 38 -90 Hz.

2. There is a frequency where the mind goes to a solutions mode. These are called BETA range and found in the frequency range of about 12-38 Hz.

3. The frequency where you mind is perfectly relaxing and brain activity is slower is called the ALPHA frequency. These occurs between the range of 8-12 Hz.

4. The state of deeper relaxation and high meditative mood. This stage sets the ultimate experience of travel. This is called the THETA stage of frequency and is in the range of 4-8 Hz.

5. The deepest sleep stage of a person is when the brain completely slows down. This is named the DELTA frequency and occurs between 0.5-4 Hz.

6. The last frequency is special with a multidimensional activity and awareness. Mist mystical experiences occur in his frequency. This is the LAMBDA/EPSILON phenomenon of frequencies. This is the rang of less than 0.5 Hz and more than 100 Hz.

The unique combination of these above referred brain wave frequencies help achieve astral projection. These findings have led us into fast and reliable solutions and that helped discover that music can achieve it.

It is good to know that music always has a function to affect the brain. There are all kinds of music. We need to isolate a trend or genre of music that will help us in achieving astral projections.

The input from any music through audio equipments will help shift the frequency levels in the brain to achieve what we want. They talk to the brain faster than your thoughts can and tune it to the frequency we need.

a. The Binaural beat group: A two separate frequency experience is achieved in each ear. When you do a two distinct frequency for each ear this will trigger a third tone to help recognize these two separated in each ear. This is a frequency human ear cannot under normal circumstances hear. Now it can pick this up. The use of alpha and theta in combination will make it easier for the brain to work on the consciousness that is required for astral projections.

b. The Monaural beat group: These are two equal intensity tones recorded to pulse a specific pattern to result in crisp and clear sounds. This beat of rhythm enhance s the brain function to get into this frequency quicker because it needs no balancing work.

c. The Isochoric tones group: This is a faster rate of tone with equal intense beat and entertains the brain very effectively. The brain will sync with this pulse. Some research has shown the students have performed and scored a much higher level of GPA when thy used this technique.

You can get all these kinds of beats, rhythms and genre in music stores and even more easily on the internet. Be careful because there are fakes and bogus reproductions. If you are unsure of the genuineness of these recordings consult some one who knows about this this and make sure you are the right track. Getting the right kind of beats is vitally important in his pursuit.