How to Make Musical Instruments

There is significant research that suggests children who study music from an early age have better memories and higher IQs. Studying music in a traditional fashion is wonderful and has many benefits, but children have other artistic needs beyond musical. One great way to incorporate other creative skills into musical education is teaching them how to make musical instruments.

Percussion instruments are among the easiest for children to make and the most fun for them to play with. A shaker, similar to a maraca, can be made quite simply by folding a paper plate in half and filling it with rice, beans or popcorn kernels before stapling the edges shut. To make this project even more fun, let kids paint the outside of the plate and attach streamers to the edges.

Every family has empty shoe boxes, toilet paper rolls and rubber bands around the house, but they probably have no idea how much fun they could be having with them. These materials are the only thing that is needed to create a homemade guitar. By cutting a hole in the box, stretching rubber bands across and attaching paper towel roles as a neck, kids can make a guitar that is easily played by plucking the rubber bands.

It is very easy to make a set of finger cymbals out of lids from baby food jars, but this project definitely requires the help of an adult. First, the child can use paint or markers to decorate the tops of the lids however they like. A grownup can then use a hammer and nail to punch a hole in the center of the lid and then tie elastic through the hole so that the cymbals can be comfortable held for hours of play.

Musical education is important for the enrichment of any child, but it is even more fun when they learn how to make musical instruments on their own. These activities allow children to practice their fine motor skills while expressing themselves creatively. This is a great activity that any family can enjoy together.