Astral Projection Music – Can Sound Really Help Me Have My First OBE? (Shocking But True!)

Does music really help people have an out of body experience? Can “noise” really induce astral travel? And is there any real science that supports this….or is it all just a bunch of hype to sell products? Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like most of the people who enjoy our articles on the paranormal, astral travel and beyond…the chances are you’ve got your hand held high right now, right? If this sounds like something you’d like to learn more about, continue reading as we take a closer look below!

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Astral projection music, when “coded” properly….is designed to do one thing: To train your brain to synchronize to a certain internal rhythm that’s been proven to be amenable to the out of body experience. Now, without getting too much into the neuroscience of it all, the premise is actually quite simple: Altered states CAN be, (and are regularly) induced in all sorts of people by introducing sound into the eardrums. And by using a slightly DIFFERENT frequency in each ear, the brain actually compensates by generating a “merged” frequency which emulates a deep sleep…..or hypnagogic state. (the state of awareness that is most closely associated with mystical experience)

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Has any of this stuff been studied by science? Absolutely! As a matter of fact, this whole field of “sound and state”, was pioneered by Robert Monroe, a leading advocate of out of body exploration. (and the founder of the Monroe Institute….to this day one of the most respected intuitions for consciousness research) Monroe believed that the OBE could be induced with sound….and spent the second half of his life pioneering binural beat technology. And now lots of others have studied the very same science…including lots of meditation centers, neuroscientists (like Dr. Andrew Neuberg who wrote “Why God Won’t Go Away” and other popular books on the brain and mystical experiences) and all kinds of other esteemed institutions of higher learning that focus on inducing transcendental experiences.

The bottom line?

I’ve had MANY out of body and astral projection experiences, and sound has played a HUGE role in most of them. Remember – entering a state of deep meditation is NOT easy on your own, and tools and technologies that can expedite this are a great help for thousands of spiritual warriors who NEED a bit of a “lift” for sure! You can of course, have an astral projection experience WITHOUT music or sound, but for the “average” person, it’s not nearly as easy. (or as much fun to boot!)

The Best Music to Listen to While Studying

I have done a mass of research and experimentation with music to create the best study environment where ever I go. Brainwave entrainment is no longer a myth of untested rumor and is now recorded as an effective way to transition the brain to particular peak performance states. Of the programs I use I find the following the best of those that I have tried.

1. iMusic – IvyFocus. One of the most effective audio’s I have ever tried comes from Volition Thought House in their iMusic (ignited music) IvyFocus study audio. It was created to replicate the ideal mindset for memorization and a calm but focused mind. It is also great for writing and keeping consistent focus for long periods of time. During finals I would use this for about 5-10 hours at a time while I wrote, read and memorized. This is not necessarily for increasing cognition, just focus.

2. Advanced Brain Techno – Music For Concentration/Music For Learning. I found both of these tracks quite effective for general concentration, music for learning being for learning new concepts faster while concentration being for focusing your attention quickly and easily on a given task. Concentration is great for writing and keeping focus for small to medium projects.

3. BrainSync – High Focus/Deep Learning. High focus is great for brain intensive tasks like analytical writings or any type of math. Deep learning is for remembering what you read and memorization. I use high focus for intensive philosophy papers that require I stay on a flow of thought for up to several hours.

I personally enjoy iMusic products best and I own more of them than anything else. But this is a tiny compilation of 5 years of trial and error with loads of work-while-full-time-student- cash both invested and wasted. I love neurological processes and how our brain reacts with different musical stimuli. I am continuously searching for various audio’s that change the brain in different ways. I don’t expect everyone to have the same results as I have experienced, but I really hope they feel the same change I have felt.

As a note, most often people who do not feel they aren’t moved by music tend to feel far less than those who need music to get by during the day. The brains of these people are tuned to accept brainwave changes very easily and thus feel the change various brain states caused by music sound waves. This typically explains why person x thinks brainwave entrainment may be hearsay and untrue rumor while person y who enjoys listening to music and loves the feeling music gives them will feel much more from it. It’s not the music that’s crap and doesn’t work, it’s our reaction to it. Like saying a muscle powder doesn’t work but it does for your neighbor. You just react differently to various stimuli.

I have done a ton of research on this and this is what I have found to be the best music for studying. Nothing comes close.

How to Select Music For When You Study Or Work

When working music can dictate the way you operate and think. In this article we will explore different music genres and options so that you can maximize your ability to think and work successfully. Whether you are studying or working on different projects music is a simple way to keep you motivated and thinking correctly. It is very easy to become distracted when you are working on homework or writing papers and there is complete silence. When there is silence you may begin to hear a co-worker talking loudly down the hall or a roommate that just won’t be quit. However, with music you are able to tune out those different loud sources and really focus on the task at hand. So let’s jump right into some music that can help you focus right away.

When working on a project you first need to determine the mood you are in. In my line of work I need to write various articles and think a lot. If I have music that is loud and has distracting lyrics I will not be able to focus on the task at hand. Likewise if I have music that will put me to sleep I will not get anything accomplished. So the first major goal off selecting appropriate music is to always determine your mood. When first determining your mood it is important to decide what type of work you are doing. If it is a routine job or assignment you will want exciting music that provides you with lyrics to listen too. For instance when I am completing a job that requires no real attention I will listen to hip-hop or the radio. I will listen to music that provides stories and lyrics that I can actually focus on. However, if I need to think I will listen to a song with no lyrics that helps me to think about the project at hand.   

There are many band or artists out there that will help guide you in the right direction of how to work with music and accomplish the goals you need to. Make sure you determine your mood and the work that needs to be accomplished and you will able to select the correct music for the project at hand.